We strictly implement the quality control system and standardize the service procedures and audit standards to build a systematic and excellent translation team which can provide good translation quality.

In the past 15 years, we have served in more than 20 countries and helped our client and partners succeed. Bright has been adhering to the principle of making perfection more perfect, and has been in a state of steady development.

Shenzhen Bright Translation Co. Ltd. (Bright for short) is a Sino-foreign joint multilingual service provider, headquartered in Shenzhen and established in March 2005, and now has branches in Beijing, Xi'an, etc. In 2008, Belgian language provider "Telelingua International", one of the top 20 translation companies in the world, invested in Bright. The two parties share resources and experience in the translation field. In 2019, Acolad, the largest translation group in Europe, wholly acquired the foreign company ("Telelingua International") of Bright. So far, Bright has a more solid foundation and space in enterprise management and resource sharing. Bright is committed to providing high cost-effective translation services for domestic and foreign enterprises and consumers, to improve the customer image and create greater value for customers.


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The project team is made up of management experts certified by the PMI in United States and translators, and is responsible for translation quality.

yabo网页登入 Bright rejects malicious competition and provide higher cost performance with the same service.

yabo网页登入 Bright has passed the IS027001 information certification. The translators of Bright uniformly sign the confidentiality agreement, and are responsible for the information.

Focus on the translation team

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yabo网页登入 Bright has a systematic translation process, and can deliver the translation more efficiently while ensuring quality.

yabo网页登入 From order to delivery, the dedicated customer service staff of Bright will communicate with you in real time, and we will respond quickly to your demands.

yabo网页登入 Bright provides indefinite quality assurance, and provides revision and correction services for this translation for free to make customers have no worries.

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Various major translation fields to meet your different demands.

Don't worry about the translation effect. We promise to refund if you are not satisfied.

Real Client Cases/Believe in Power of Reputations

They establishes long-term cooperation with us only when they really recognize us

  • Industry field: Digital electronics/DV
    Cooperation time: 7 years
    Cooperation scope: DV product specification, manual
    Translation language: 20 languages such as French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Indonesian, Korean, and Russian
    yabo网页登入Annual translation amount: 1.2 million words

  • Industry field: Electronic communication, artificial intelligence, 5G, storage
    Cooperation time: 7 years
    Cooperation scope: Product specification, patent translation, artificial intelligence
    Translation language: Chinese, English, German, Japanese, Russian, etc.
    Annual translation amount: 800,000 words

  • Industry field: College clients, college branches
    Cooperation time: 5 year
    Cooperation scope: Translation, listening translation, student internship base
    Translation language: English, Japanese, German, Russian
    Annual translation amount: 3.31 million words

  • Industry field: Electronics
    Cooperation time: 6 years
    Cooperation scope: Specification, manual
    Translation language: Chinese, English, Japanese, etc.
    Annual translation amount: 1.17 million words

  • Industry field: College clients, college branches
    Cooperation time: 6 year
    Cooperation scope: Translation, listening translation, student internship base
    Translation language: English, Japanese, French, German, Russian
    Annual translation amount: 310,000 words

  • Industry field: Member in various industries
    Cooperation time: 13 years
    Cooperation scope: Translation, interpretation, simultaneous interpretation, university and enterprise
    Translation language: English, Japanese, German, Italian, Spanish
    Annual translation amount: 3 million words


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    Development History of Bright

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  • Time:2020-4-10

    Letter of Consolation to Fellow Translators of Shenzhen Bright Translation Company

    Letter of Consolation to Fellow Translators of Shenzhen Bright Translation Company


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    Terrible death

    Terrible death


  • Time:2019-9-12

    In the new advertising law of 2019, the maximum penalty for misuse of banned words in translation is 1 million!

    yabo网页登入Product advertisement translation is one of the most common translation methods. In the export of advertising, advertising translati


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  • Time:2019-9-19




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    Hillary Clinton’s Concession Speech 2016

    Hillary Clinton’s Concession Speech 2016


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    Walkie talkie

    yabo网页登入Walkie talkie


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    Mobilní telefon

    yabo网页登入Mobilní telefon


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